"Artificial Intelligence has had its impact across industries and retail isn’t any exception. The retail industry has over the last few decades seen several transformations with technology changes and innovative business models. Consumer shopping behavior is changing as customers are embracing the new technology innovations and making their shopping experience more fruitful and efficient, from traditional brick and mortar stores to internet retailing, e-commerce and m-commerce; the world’s largest store is in every pocket."

Written by Deepa Naik from Humans for AI,  full article here


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Ai strategy and solution design

We assess your existing business processes and their level of automation, existing applications and services, identify weak areas and blind spots, find opportunities mine business cases to improve KPIs and efficiency, cut costs, increase sales by implementing and integrating our Ai powered solutions

Ai workshops

Do you know where you stand when it comes to AI? We offer educational workshops for the C-suite to answer what AI means for your industry. If you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch to start building your strategic AI roadmap

Ai Solution integration

Our growing offer of AI products and solutions allows us to deliver a wide-range of quick-wins for organizations. Whether you’re looking for recommendation systems, personalized user experience, natural language understanding or value add chatbot solutions, to name a few, our portfolio of AI solutions is ready to help us take you to the next level

Knowledge Engineering

Smartness of AI powered solutions is limited with the knowledge they posses and make use of. Knowledge engineering is an essential part of any Ai related project and requires special, skills and people.

Systems operations and maintenance

Once the solution is integrated into your infrastructure up and running, it needs attentions and supervision, as well as periodical maintenance. we would be happy to make sure your solution runs seamlessly

Enterprise training and support

At some moment your staff will nee to take over some duties, and be able to operate, configure, train and customize the solution by themselves. this requires training we would be happy to provide

Our solutions

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